A photographer, from the Greek φωτός, “light” and γράφω, “I write”, is a person who takes photographs using a camera. A professional photographer uses photography to earn money whilst amateur photographers take photographs for pleasure and to record an event, emotion, place, or person.
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photographer

I started my journey into photography in September of 1979. That was when I started high school. It took me most of my freshman year to save enough money to buy my first 35mm camera, a Canon AE-1 Program. All through high school I carried that camera basically everywhere I went -  school, parties, sporting events, work and more. I had the opportunity to do a few portfolios for friends in school, as well as get a lot of my photographs in the local newspaper. Some of the newspaper submissions were sporting event photos, and others were accident and/or weather-related photos. Living in the Boston, MA area all that time made for some great picture opportunities.

I have since gone through several cameras, starting with that Canon 35mm SLR (Single Lens Reflex), and now have a very nice DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) Nikon D-50, and planning to upgrade again soon. ;)

Photo by Ron Landry

Being a photographer and having an eye for beauty seemed instinctive for me. I saw the moment and was able to predict the emotion and feeling associated with each shot I was about to take. My photography skills garnered positive attention from others, which led to me being asked to photograph weddings, parties, car shows and events, as well as individual portfolios, dance studio shoots and more.

Nature photography, weather, animals, and many other photography subjects require forethought in order to obtain that special shot. Otherwise, the result will be an unremarkable picture of a tree, flower, or rainbow. Knowing when and from what angle to take a shot is a special skill that few people have. I don't touch up, lighten, darken, or alter my photos. No editing is necessary because the photos look great as they are. I take high resolution high-definition pictures, which are usually very large and can be used for Internet as well as print.

Photo by Ron Landry

At age sixteen I also acquired an interest in automobiles, which began my fast cool cars photographing experience. In 2002 I started the website FastCoolCars.com, which I continue to operate today. I have added more than 40,000 photos of vehicles I have taken at car shows, national car events, and other car enthusiast gatherings. I have been part of the NOPI Nationals many times, taking several thousand digital high resolution photos. I have attended as a participant once and photographer many times at the World of Wheels in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Being a car enthusiast myself, as well as a photographer, enables me to have a deeper understanding of what's important to other car enthusiasts in a car photo. Lighting, shadows, cleanliness, and vehicle placement are all important factors when presenting a vehicle for a photo shoot. Online car sales has become the modern way to buy and sell vehicles. Now sellers can have an audience of millions rather than the few that wander into their lots.

I have taken well over 500,000 pictures in my photography career. This started as a hobby and interest of mine almost thirty-five years ago, and grew into a business in which I've had hundreds of satisfied customers and millions of happy viewers on my websites that promote my digital pictures.

Selling a vehicle? Let me take your pictures and post them online for you. There are people looking for the exact same vehicle that you're trying to sell. Having great pictures when selling your ride is a major first step in getting it sold. High definition, high-quality pictures is the way to go these days. Don't try to sell your car with fuzzy, low-quality pictures, Potential buyers will just pass your listing by if they aren't first attracted to the pictures. And having a large supply of photos of every aspect of your car's exterior, interior, engine compartment, etc. will attract more buyers.


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